Dry Cleaning & Laundry Service in Brighton, MA

Welcome to Laundry Boston! We’re excited to offer you free home laundry pickups in Brighton for your dry cleaning, wash/dry/fold, and household items needs. Dealing with laundry on a daily or weekly basis can be nothing short of a time stealer. Especially if you live in an apartment or condo, where machines are shared with other tenants – you literally can’t go anywhere until the laundry is done. With our laundry service, laundry will no longer dictate your life.

Think about never having to deal with washing or folding clothes again. All you have to do is throw your dirty laundry into a bag and leave it for us to pick up. We wash, dry, fold or dry clean all your items and deliver them back to your door. Surely, there are things you’d rather be doing and even need to be doing. Everyone needs laundry of course, but that doesn’t mean you have to be the one washing your clothes. We know that you probably have specific ways you like your laundry done, so we take special care to follow your instructions and deliver you with a folded pile of laundry that meets your specifications and requests.

Why not give Laundry Boston a try? Sign up today and leave the laundry to us.

Community Info


Brighton is a neighborhood of BostonMassachusetts, and is located in the northwestern corner of the city. The region was named after the town of Brighton in the English city of Brighton and Hove, For almost 200 years, Brighton was part of Cambridge, and was known as “Little Cambridge.”

During its beginnings, it was a rural town with a significant commercial center at its eastern end. Brighton separated from Cambridge in 1807 after a dispute over a bridge and was eventually annexed to Boston in 1874. The neighborhood of Allston was also originally part of the town of Brighton, but is now often considered separately, leading to the commonly used name, Allston–Brighton, for the combined area.